My Dogs – by Emily C.


I love my dogs.

Sue’s main talents include batting her deep brown doe eyes when she wants a snack, stoically staring out the picture window, and knowing exactly when I need a good cuddle.

Brody’s primary skills are photo-bombing, ignoring personal boundaries, inadvertently rearranging furniture with his massive body, and the uncanny ability to only do his business in my neighbor’s yard while he happens to be looking out the window.

They haven’t been on a walk in a while—having the dogs on separate leashes is akin to practicing Stretch Armstrong moves, an impossible feat when you’ve also got a toddler in tow. When we got “The Double,” my son Tanner and I laced up and clipped on Brody and Sue as they uncontrollably quivered and yipped with excitement.

We made it to the end of the block and back. Surprisingly, it’s easier to handle 165 pounds of wriggling yellow lab with one arm. Even Tanner “helped” and held the leash. When my hubby got home, he even took the pups for a spin.

Brody was so excited that he forgot to make his deposit at Mr. Castellano’s house. I’d say our first outing was a (literal) staggering success.

-Emily C.Baby and DogSibling DogsDog whisperer