How it works

We believe in making things that last. Here’s what goes into every Fozzy Dog Leash:


  1. 4-WAY STRETCH: Stash your phone, keys, treats or bags in the patent-pending stretch pocket. The mesh conforms to fit whatever you want it to hold (**Note: May not fit iPhone 6+ or larger phones with bulky cases.**).
  2. SECURE: Two rivets secure the storage pouch to the leash. To open the pouch, simply pull the nylon flap which is held down by two velcro tabs.
  3. REFLECTIVE:  3M reflective material is sewn directly into the sides and front of the pouch, ensuring ultimate visibility in low light conditions.
  4. HAND TIED: Each knot is tensioned to over 500 pounds – resulting in a knot that won’t come undone.
  5. HEAVY DUTY: The rope we source is made in American from a company specializing in marine-grade rescue rope. It’s designed to last.
  6. HARDWARE: Each leash features a rust-proof, nickel plated “Lobster Claw” swivel shackle.